Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Get outta here snow!

Seriously? Snow on the day before the first day of spring? Just a reminder that Mother Nature loves to surprise New England. And throw a curveball in my marathon training (hello treadmill). I can't even put in words how excited I am for Spring and how it needs to arrive SOONER rather than later. Here in New England we got another two inches of snow, that needs to start melting - now. 

I wanted to stray from the usual post of running and yoga and talk about the walking dead for a second. Yes, The Walking Dead and one of my new obsessions thanks to a friend getting me addicted. So I finally caught up to season three and I was able to watch the brand new episode that aired Sunday night and whoa.. is anyone else feeling angry? I sure hope so. Andrea being held by the crazy governor?!? Ugh he just sickens me. What I am really upset about is that these two groups are going to war. Oh there is only a zombie apocalypse going on but lets kill the potential only 50 survivors, oh yeah great idea! Human instinct, shuman shintsict. This is ridiculous, they should just form one super group that will INCREASE their chances of survival and potentially keep the human race going.

Ok, that is off my chest. I also wanted to share some interesting and healthy recipes I have found lately. This delicious one is courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen, which is one of my favorite blogs. It is a flour-less and butter-less Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie ( can you say yum) 


I think I will be baking those this week. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Who's Bikram?

This week I tried Bikram yoga for the first time. My experience was, interesting. I know about Bikram and have read tons about it but had not tried it and wanted to for a while. It was located in this beautiful mill building in Providence and the atmosphere and landscape were amazing. I was prepared for the heat, and poses but not necessarily the fatigue. Walking in the 105 degree room I immediately started sweating, that sweat that just glistens over and is sticky (ick). Once class started, with the standing poses I was feeling okay. The breathing exercises in the beginning I was not so crazy about. And the whole rule of waiting to drink water does not seem ok to me. The standing poses didn't pose too much difficulty to me at first but once the room got warmer, which it eventually reached about 115 with 40% humidity, I was feeling pretty light headed and nauseous. I was so relieved when he told us to get on our backs, but oh to my surprise that was only half way through the class. I struggled throughout the second half, the blowing up air when sitting up was a killer and poses I can normally do in any heated vinyasa class really were like torture during this class. I cannot express my gratitude of happiness once class ended.

To me yoga is about a mind body and spirit connection, to control your breath and call on your inner strength to hold poses and get in and out of them. It is not about rigidity or rules or protocols. It is about listening to your body and respecting it while also strengthening your body and your mind. Bikram is totally opposite of all these principles, and I think that is why maybe it was not my cup of tea. I also have to listen to my body because since I am training for a marathon my body is getting tired easier and is not used to the mileage I am putting on it. So making it to yoga has posed a struggle the past two weeks, not so much of one that I thought it would be but it is just that constant battle of finding a perfect balance between yoga and running for me (a lifelong one I foresee) Well overall it was an interesting experience. It is not my type of yoga but I am willing to try again and be strong enough to hold all the poses! (maybe after my marathon) and maybe not this week because after working 50 hours last week I am pretty beat. 

To touch on motivation once again, (and probably not the last time in this blog) I was lacking again this morning and after not being able to fit some long runs in this week, I have a chance this morning and tomorrow. Also with the impending snow on New England and the chilly 19 degrees I woke up to this morning, my bed was looking more and more like a best friend. Then Julie Weiss came on the today show, after running 52 marathons in a year, fighting the battle against pancreatic cancer which her Father died from. I have to say I did tear up and if she can do that, I can get out there and run today. 

How did your weekend go? Any good classes, yoga or runs happening around?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Where are you motivation!?

Yesterday I had a talk with my boyfriend on how as much as I already do, I want to take on more. I want to get outside and hike more and surf in the summer and create these yoga beach events I want to, and run at the crack of dawn so I have time in my day. I planned to start today, which unfortunately I did not. Thats okay though, my determination is there I just need to follow through. Starting tomorrow, for my medium and small runs I am going to get out of the door right after I wake up. I already wake up at 6:30 when my boyfriend leaves, so instead of laying in bed for that extra half an hour I am going to get up, go run, come home then get ready for work and the rest of my day.

I guess I am a morning person but for some reason this still poses difficulty (I blame the cold weather?) We are both active people, my boyfriend and I but don't you ever get the feeling you want to do MORE? get out there? Yesterday during savasana after my 5:15 vinyasa class, I realized I need to do more and I can, it is myself who is setting these 'rules' and 'boundaries', there are no rules or boundaries! I need to break that wall and instead of scheduling always my day how it will 'make the most sense' (which is dumb) I am going to flow, just like a vinyasa class, with what feels good. and if that means running at 6 am, hiking after work, surfing at midnight - so be it! I will do it. And to think I was in the parking lot of yoga yesterday contemplating if I definitely wanted to go in or not, and boy am I so happy I did. How do you get out of that funk and push yourself? I would love to know. And if you do set these barriers, and boundaries for yourself how do you push past them? If you haven't, I know you can. 

this photo spoke to me as I was writing this (grabbed it off my tumblr)
I need to do more, be more and remind myself of the things I want to do and be.
I can do it. Anyone can, never doubt yourself.
Get out there and do what you want. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here It IS!

My first post! Yesterday I went on my shorter run of the week (3 miles) and after running and before working I was craving a yummy, iced latter with WHOLE MILK (which I do not drink). Which is not really relevant but I guess after months of starting to train for a marathon my craving for even a sweet coffee has returned, I think I deserve it!

Unfortunately, my running has taken a backseat to more important events. Watching all the episodes of The Walking Dead. Currently I am on season 3 and my heart is racing as I type this because I have it on in the background (I probably look like a technology junkie if someone were to look in my window right now) This show is SO intense, safe to say it has officially replaced the craziness of Gossip Girl for me (R.I.P Gossip Girl) If any of you watch it please, discuss with me!!! I think it is one of my favorite conversations to have lately (love you rick!)

I am also trying to decide what Yoga class I should go to today. There is a 5:15 at a studio I normally go to or I could go to crossfit. I am loosely following Hal Higdons first marathon training program, which is an 18 week program and gradually increases mileage and intertwines cross training days. Well I didn't have 18 weeks because originally I was going to run the Oceans Half Marathon on the beach on March 11th but figured the Cox Rhode Races Registration is still open! (YAY!) so hence taking on my challenge and goal of my first marathon, so i started training at 9 weeks out and currently I have 8.5 to go (eeeeek). I love talking to people about their marathon experiences so please share!

I am also feeling very springy lately and cannot wait to get out on the beach to RUN and SURF and YAY it will be awesome, it has been warming up in this little state, about 55 degrees today and yesterday, which is AMAZING! 

Here is some Spring/Summer inspiration, get out there and do what you want!