Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here It IS!

My first post! Yesterday I went on my shorter run of the week (3 miles) and after running and before working I was craving a yummy, iced latter with WHOLE MILK (which I do not drink). Which is not really relevant but I guess after months of starting to train for a marathon my craving for even a sweet coffee has returned, I think I deserve it!

Unfortunately, my running has taken a backseat to more important events. Watching all the episodes of The Walking Dead. Currently I am on season 3 and my heart is racing as I type this because I have it on in the background (I probably look like a technology junkie if someone were to look in my window right now) This show is SO intense, safe to say it has officially replaced the craziness of Gossip Girl for me (R.I.P Gossip Girl) If any of you watch it please, discuss with me!!! I think it is one of my favorite conversations to have lately (love you rick!)

I am also trying to decide what Yoga class I should go to today. There is a 5:15 at a studio I normally go to or I could go to crossfit. I am loosely following Hal Higdons first marathon training program, which is an 18 week program and gradually increases mileage and intertwines cross training days. Well I didn't have 18 weeks because originally I was going to run the Oceans Half Marathon on the beach on March 11th but figured the Cox Rhode Races Registration is still open! (YAY!) so hence taking on my challenge and goal of my first marathon, so i started training at 9 weeks out and currently I have 8.5 to go (eeeeek). I love talking to people about their marathon experiences so please share!

I am also feeling very springy lately and cannot wait to get out on the beach to RUN and SURF and YAY it will be awesome, it has been warming up in this little state, about 55 degrees today and yesterday, which is AMAZING! 

Here is some Spring/Summer inspiration, get out there and do what you want!

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