Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wowza what a busy month(s)

2013 thank you for all of the amazing surprises and crazy events! I almost need to take a breather just thinking about everything that has gone on and is going on! from a new store opening, running my first marathon, getting a promotion(yesterday!), turning the big two-one, and plethora of other races throughout the summer to bring me to another marathon to finish out the year in October, whoa - had enough yet? I haven't.

the summer is here and that means I am feeling 100% amazing. i've been spending my days off at the beach, catching a tan burn, and just plain enjoying this fantastic weather. i'm still trying to figure myself out in this crazy world but right now at this moment everything feels it is all exactly how it should be and boy does that feel good. everything does happen for a reason and it all happens at exactly the right time. i'm really just enjoying the moment and staying present each and every day and in new england, where we only get about 4 months of great weather, if we are lucky, i am making sure i take advantage of every single day and really embracing this summer.

i read this truly touching and inspiring story in runners world and i would like to share..


Remy is an amazing writer and encapsulates the feeling at the Boston Marathon and really any Marathon for that matter. It's the spectators, the crowd that keeps us going and we truly could not run those 26.2 without them.

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