Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Good Morning!

Last night I had a great practice at one of my favorite studios. *que the soreness from Crossfit on mon., two yoga classes yesterday eeek* but it was just what I needed. To go along with not feeling 100% myself and carefree and present lately, I think that practice really helped and the savasana definitely added as well! This morning I am going out on a short run, I don't care it is 30 degrees it is Spring, HELLO APRIL!!!! 

By the way, I suggest going to your closest CVS, Target or wherever and buying TONS OF EASTER CANDY that is HALF OFF WOO! This type of food totally goes against my daily diet but you know what, live a little and three bags of reeses cups for $3 aint so bad if I say so myself! (especially if you plan on making these cookies with them) 

I wanted to post my view and experience with and on Yoga. It is a post I have been brewing up in my mind for a little while now so I figured I'd give it a go. 

When I went to my first yoga class, at Boston Sports Club I was lost. I did not think it was going to be that difficult, and I thought it was not for me so I gave up. Not to go again for a few months. In the next few months my life went through some major changes, some negative and some positive. I was kind of lost and I think I also lost my true meaning along the way of making my way through that time anyways. I checked local studios schedules and I decided to dive back in. Once I did I started to understand why It was so difficult for me, it was because I had no control over my mind. My body was moving but was totally not connected to what I was thinking or how I was breathing. (which if you don't know, is the most important part of yoga, I think) My body was on auto-pilot. I kept going, it was my goal to make this practice mine and get what my body and mind needed out of it. I have learned so much through yoga, mostly that I am capable of anything. I set my mind to try again and I did and now not a day goes by where I do not practice yoga at least once (big thanks to my AMAZING job). Whether it was something that instructor said during class, those bits of inspirational comments that I absolutely love, or me holding bird of paradise the whole duration of the pose without wavering and realizing that I am in fact in command of this body and I can control my breathing and my mind. To this day, every class I go to I learn something new and something different. I am eternally grateful to what yoga has brought into my life and what it has taught me. But it wouldn't have taught me any of this if I did not open up my mind and heart to what it has to offer. I am sure I can go on much longer and I do yoga for a number of reasons, that are all important to me. My advice to anyone who is skeptical or scared to try yoga (or anything new) is try it, you don't nessicarily know what you are capable of until you try. And that thing just may change your life. 


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