Saturday, April 13, 2013

Working like a dog

Wow, So it has been a super hectic past 11 days. I have worked nonstop (which I love) but boy am I exhausted. Let's start with last Monday though, when I ran one of the best runs of my life. I went down to Narragansett beach and it was just beyond beautiful. It was a warm day, about 70 and the sand was packed where it was not too much of a challenge to run on. I ran from one end to the other twice and I took my shirt off and ran just in my bra...WHAT? yeah I couldn't believe it either! It was that beautiful out! Plus I had crops and a long sleeve on so I didn't really have a choice if I did not want to overheat.
Here is what I was lucky enough to run next to/on

Just had to get that out there, if you have a beautiful day and/or live near a beach, GO RUN. you will thank yourself later.

Without further ado, HAPPY SATURDAY! and boy has it been a good one. to get back writing here, have a great 4 mile run and an amazing brunch today is just what the doctor ordered for a busy woman like me. 

yes, that is a steak knife with my french toast. I haven't had french toast in about 2 years and I think I deserved it today (and the sangria, home fried and eggs)

We took this little sweetheart on a ride to go get some iced coffees after a nice 2 hour nap which followed brunch 

Hooray for the weekend!!!!

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