Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I've been lacking

in motivation the past couple of weeks. from running, yoga, blogging, fun, etc. I feel as though the list goes on and on and its tough not to be tough on myself. But I think I am coming around. I had been working a ton, but finally I took a step back and with some help from my man I realized what is important in life and to return to being true to myself and just simply, do what I love.

It's that simple (easier said than done sometimes) but running/yoga/funtimes had taken a back seat to work (which is completely normal) but usually I have a pretty good balance going on. I had to look deep into myself and figure out what was bothering me. What I have always been a victim of is waiting for the perfect time for something, over-thinking doing something I would like to do or somewhere I would like to go. For a while now I have been working on that (and become tremendously better at seizing the moment) but sometimes I still get stuck in that old mindset.

So after some conversations and just becoming more in sync with my mind and my body I have returned to doing what I want, when I want that makes me happy, benefits me and takes advantage of the moment! (hallelujah!) Just a little reminder that life gets hectic, yeah more often than not. But you are defined on how you handle those setbacks and how you motivate yourself to be true to your being and your life course and not straying by going the 'easy' way. We all get stuck in these little funks but what I found is just being natural to yourself and letting yourself just be, be what and who you are can really turn the negative perspective back into a positive one. Here's to doing all of the things I want to again and seizing the moment every time I can! from going out to grab a coffee, running even though it just started sprinkling, going to yoga at 7.30pm skydiving and MORE! 

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